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Dr Leslie Morgan was born in Britain of Anglo-Indian parents and emigrated to Australia in 1989. Morgan’s art practice spans thirty years and his artwork is represented in private and public collections including Museum Victoria and The National Sports Museum. His trans-disciplinary work in painting and writing concerns race, diaspora, migration cultural hybridity and whiteness. He is author of two books 'Illegal Action' (2005), 'The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts' (2008) and many journal articles. Morgan’s chapter on the work of Abdul Abdullah is published as part of 'Re-imagining the City' by Intellect books (2013).

Cultural diversity on British TV

I am in London for a short time on a personal and professional project  organised by ACME Studios to investigate how notions of art and cultural difference have developed since the 1980’s.

British TV, awful from what I have seen, nevertheless appears to reflect the diversity of Britain, unlike Australian TV. I liked the ad with a black family in a car who notice a bad smell and get out. The source of which turns out to be their dog, a gorgeous  spaniel with its head out the window on the back seat .