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21st November 2016  ‘The Welcome Wall’ has been acquired by the City of Fremantle Collection and ‘Couple Arriving’ by the Ben Uri Gallery, London. Both works are from the series Anglo-Indians Sail into White Australia exhibited at the Fremantle Arts Centre, West Australia (2014) and at the Foundling Archive, Melbourne (2016).

The Welcome Wall
Couple Arriving

‘ ‘Mis-identification, also from the same series has been aquired by a private collection in New Zealand.


17 August e-flyer The Foundling Archive the_good_room_almanac-2

10 August 1970s + 1980s work-scanned from 35mm slides



Regatta Picnic, 1983, oil on canvas (Private Collection)

News 8 August: 


I am showing some of the works I exhibited in Fremantle in 2014 along with a couple of others, including a Pauline Hanson painting at the Foundling Archive’s inaugural exhibition. I would love to see you all. Les

News A PDF of the talk presented on David Bomberg for the Ben Uri Gallery at Christies, London, June, 2016 https://wordpress.com/page/lesm48.wordpress.com/1005

News 2016: Associate Artist Residency for International artists at ACME Studios, London.http://www.acme.org.uk/international/assoc-artist-res

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 7.52.38 PM.png

A Brown Man asks a Black Man, ‘Which Way?’, 92 x 102 cm, oil, 2015

2 May – 24 June
Dr Leslie Morgan is a writer and painter concerned with race, diaspora, cultural hybridity and whiteness. He is the author of two books Illegal Action (2005), and The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts (2008). Morgan’s chapter on the work of Abdul Abdullah is published as part of Re-Imagining the City by Intellect books (2013).

His doctoral thesis, ‘The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts’ drew largely on 1980s Black British cultural politics. http://www.podcastchart.com/podcasts/school-of-english-communications-and-performance-studies-monash-university/episodes/the-black-art-movement-in-britain-leslie-morgan

During his residency Leslie intends to explore inter-generational differences between race and culture within the current British context, which will build on his existing collaborations with young migrant artists in Australia.

Dr Leslie Morgan’s Artist Mentors:

Lucy Davies, Director & Barby Asante, Associate Curator, 198 Gallery
Sarah MacDougall, Curator, Ben Uri Gallery
Victoria Northridge, Collections Manager, Black Cultural Archives
Pamela Sepúlveda, Archivist, Whitechapel Gallery
Marta Weiss, Curator, Photographs Word & Image Department, Victoria and Albert Museum
Sarat Maharaj, writer, researcher, curator, and professor
Tom Green, Project Manager, Counterpoint arts & Platforma
Rasheed Araeen, Artist
Lainy Malkani, Director, Social History Hub
Renée Mussai, Curator & Head of Archive, Autograph ABP

During 2015/16 : artist residencies at Jiwar, Barcelona and at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

New Work 2016



Lunch, 92 x 71 cm, oil, 2015

My Hybrid series can be viewed:https://lesm48.wordpress.com/new-work-2016

Jiwar studies can be viewed: https://lesm48.wordpress.com/jiwar-barcelona-july-2015/


Cairns Botanical Gardens/ Tanks Arts Centre

2014-12-15 12.28.12

Tropica https://lesm48.wordpress.com/watercolours-and-oils-based-on-tropical-flowers/

The following watercolour/gouache/conte studies were produced during a month long residency at Cairns Botanical Gardens/Tanks Arts Centre during Nov-Dec 2014. The theme Tropica was appropriated from the title of a book on exotic plants in the Friend’s library at the gardens-it represented tropical plants and often used photographs of the local people wearing or holding plants in a manner reminiscent of early colonial anthropology and photography. My other research looked at the early plant hunters and botanical classification and I collected specimens from the gardens, went bird watching, completed drawings and took many photos-the small studies were completed back in the studio. While in Cairns I read Amitav Ghosh’s the The Glass Palace and the even better The Hungry Tide-this follows a few books on the history of the East India Company-it goes without saying my interest in colonial history and post-colonial writing has been an influence on my image making.

On coming back to Melbourne from Cairns I have developed this body of work further to include a series of images based on the evolution of the Paisley design-a shuttling motif and symbol. I also intend exploring tourism as a source of image making and was fascinated by tourists with selfie sticks-these and other works can be viewed towards the end of the Tropica page.


Toussaint L’Ouverture

To view my work based on the Toussaint L’Overture clock in the Johnson Collection, Melbourne and other paintings go to https://lesm48.wordpress.com/latest-work/

Toussaint L’Ouverture 112 x 137 cm

self portrait
self portrait


Dr Leslie Morgan was born in Britain of Anglo-Indian parents and emigrated to Australia in 1989. Morgan’s art
practice spans thirty years and his artwork is represented in private and public collections including The Tate Modern London, Freemantle Arts Centre, Ben Uri Galleries, The National Sports Museum and Museum Victoria. His trans-disciplinary work in painting and writing concerns race, diaspora, migration, cultural
hybridity and whiteness. He is author of two books Illegal Action(2005), The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts (2008) and various journal articles.


Research Room for Talkback consists of ten collages that provide some context for viewers for the Talkback video collage/installation. I am also author of the exhibition essay available in the Talkback page.  https://lesm48.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=442&action=edit



Reviews of Talkback
img-822104041Talkback West Aust 20_8_14img-822104041

short DVD Talkback https://vimeo.com/105257289
also on facebook Talkbackproject.com

Previous exhibitions

Hi_Res - Gallery Opening Nov 2013-3

Photograph: Fremantle Arts Centre & Courtney MacAllister

‘Anglo-Indians Sail into White Australia’ was shown as part of ‘Being Eurasian’ with Abdul Abdullah at the Fremantle Arts Centre during 2013/14.


Cathy and Nicky enjoy a drink at Ulhuru 91 x 152 cm, oil, 2000 Museum Victoria
Cathy and Nicky enjoy a drink at Ulhuru
91 x 152 cm, oil, 2000
Acquired by Museum Victoria 2013

Review of Fremantle show

Review West Australian 28 Dec, 2013
Review West Australian 28 Dec, 2013
Screenshot 2014-06-16 16.36.02


2007 Doctor of Philosophy, (Arts), Australian Centre, University of Melbourne.
1984 MFA, University of Reading
1975/78 B.A. Fine Art 1st Class Hons., North Staffordshire Polytechnic
1991 Diploma in Education, La Trobe University Vic.

Museum Victoria, The National Sports Museum, Moreton Shire Council, Queensland and many private collections.

Selected Exhibitions

2018-19 Home Made Good (works from the Toussaint Series), The Johnston Collection, Melbourne

2017 The Cancer Puzzle, University of Melbourne

2014 Being Patient, St Vincent’s Gallery, 2014
2013 Being Eurasian: Anglo-Indians Sail into White Australia, 1947, Fremantle Arts Centre.
Moreland Summer Show: Current Tendencies
Darebin Art Award
ANL Maritime Art Awards Exhibition, Melbourne
Art in Science, Science in Art, St Vincent’s Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Landmark Caboolture Gallery, Queensland
2007 Socceroos V Iraq McCulloch Gallery Melbourne
2006 True Blue fortyfivedownstairs Melbourne
2005 Meta Ipswich Regional Gallery Queensland
2004 Unseen Brisbane Powerhouse
The Image of the Glasshouse Mountains Caloundra Regional Gallery
2003 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? 60 Merivale Street Brisbane
Place Bribie Island Community Arts Centre
Heat Noosa Regional Gallery
Gunnery Studios, Sydney
2002 A4 Refugee Project Metro Arts & City Hall, Brisbane
2001 Ready, Set, Go Sporting Life and Australian Art
Global Arts Link, Ipswich
Business as Usual Gallery 482 Brisbane
Welcome to Queensland Global Arts Link, Ipswich
Burke’s Dreamtime Tours Doggett Street Studio, Brisbane

2002 A4 Refugee Project Metro Arts & City Hall, Brisbane

2001 Ready, Set, Go Sporting Life and Australian Art
Global Arts Link, Ipswich
Business as Usual Gallery 482 Brisbane
Welcome to Queensland  Global Arts Link, Ipswich
Burke’s Dreamtime Tours Doggett Street Studio, Brisbane

1997 Gallery 482, Brisbane

1996 Gallery 482, Brisbane

1995 Alice Prize exhibition N.T.

Logan Art Award

Timor, a Voice., QUT, Brisbane

1994 Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs

Northern Territory University Gallery

1984 Creation for Liberation, Brixton Art Gallery, UK

Spirit of London, Royal Festival Hall, UK

Bohun Art Gallery, Oxford, UK

1981 The Hatfield Road Group, Stoke-On-Trent Museum and Art Gallery, UK

1978 Graduate Selection, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, UK

1976 Burslem Town Hall, Stoke-On-Trent, UK


Morgan, L., 2013, ‘Abdul Abdullah: art, marginalization and identity’ in Re-Imagining the City, Sharp, K., Grierson, E. (eds.), Intellect, London.

Morgan, L., Lobo, M., 2012 ‘Anglo-Indians, Whiteness and the City, South Asian Diaspora, Special Issue, Sahoo, A.(ed.), Routledge, UK.

Morgan, L. 2011 ‘The emergence of Black Art in Britain’, in Collaborations in Modern and Postmodern Visual Culture, Burke, J., Chapple, L., (eds.), Colloquy, Melbourne.

Morgan, L. 2011 ‘Paki on-a-bike’, book chapter in Intercultural Relations in a Global World, Lobo, M., Oke, N., Marotti, V., (eds.) Common Ground, Champaign, Illinois, ISBN 978-1-86335-904-7

Morgan, L. 2010, ‘ Zeitgeist moments’, book chapter in The Curator in the Academy, Forrest, D. (ed.), Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne.

Morgan, L. 2010, ‘David Bomberg: “possibly a great artist”’, Interior Worlds: Hidden Stories, doubledialogues.com.au, ISSN 1447 9591
Morgan, L. 2010, ‘Kodak Migrant Moments’ Livingstone, D. (ed.), Social Alternatives The Photographic Narrative: Alternative Exposures issue, 2010, Vol.29, No.4. ISSN 0155-0306

Morgan, L. 2010, ‘Teacher Professional Transformation using Learning by Design: A Case Study’, book chapter in Learning by Design, E-Learning and Digital Media, ISSN 2042-7530 http://www.wwwords.co.uk/elea/

Morgan, L. 2010, Diaspora art: negotiating the racialised terrains of Britain and Australia’, in ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural & Policy Studies, RMIT University, Australia, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 1-1 ISSN: 0111-8889

Morgan, L. 2010, ‘Academic reflections and mid-life crisis’, in The Doctoral Journey in Art Education: Reflections on Doctoral Studies by Australian and New Zealand Art Educators., Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne, Australia, pp.185-205 ISBN: 9781921509766

Morgan, L. 2009, ‘An exegesis: from theory to practice and back again’, in Publication of the Conference Papers ACUADS 2009, Ross Woodrow (ed.), Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools, Brisbane, Australia pp. 1-10 (ACUADS 2009 Conference)
Cahill, D., Smith, H., Burrows, P. Morgan, L., Law, S., 2009, Education for Global Multicultural Citizenship, for the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development
Mansouri, F., Jenkins. L., Morgan.L., 2009, The Impact of Racism on the Health & Wellbeing of Young Australians for the Foundation for Young Australians ISBN

Morgan. L., 2008, The Significance of Diaspora Politics in the Visual Arts: art protest and belonging, Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co.KG, Berlin. ISBN 978-3-639-08964-6

Morgan, L., 2008, ‘Please Explain’ Art & Lies 11 http://www.doubledialogues.com Issue Nine Autumn 2008 http://www.doubledialogues.com/issue_nine/morgan.html

Morgan, L., 2005, Illegal Action paintings by Les Morgan 2005
ISBN 0 646 452201 0

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