24 March 2017 – Vale Leslie Morgan

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of Leslie Morgan on 24 March 2017, in Melbourne. Leslie’s painting was his passion, and his work has very recently been acknowledged as an important contribution to late 20th century and early 21st century English and Australian art. He will be very much missed as a much loved son, brother, father, partner and friend. However, it is our hope that his spirit and commitment to all forms of justice will live on through his personal and artistic legacy, which is enormous.
For further information and contact regarding his work and forthcoming exhibitions, please email Lynda Chapple: ljchapple@gmail.com.

One thought on “24 March 2017 – Vale Leslie Morgan”

  1. Les Morgan was one of my art teachers at TAFE. We didn’t always get along, but much of what I learned about painting and drawing I can say is from what he taught. It was Les that taught me about using symbolism, technique, style and juxtaposition in art to tell a story. What I most remember about him though is that at 22 (almost 23) when I had no ambition to go on to uni, I didn’t think I was smart enough so I thought it wouldn’t be worth my while, it was Les who convinced me to even apply. The rest is history. I’ve only recently picked up my paintbrushes again to create some works of art and much of what he taught is still evident in my work.
    Googling Les, I found this sad news.
    Thank you Les, for everything you’ve taught me, even when I was too stubborn to listen. May you be at peace now and your life’s work be remembered.

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